China man Yutu on the moon? Not so fast 21st Century, let Rover take over

Not since Gene Cernon left the surface of the moon on 

December 14, 1972 at 5:55 PM EST 

has there been another earthly presence on it.

 That all changed yesterday when, after 41 years to the day,

the China Rover, Yutu,  made it’s landing. 

While, this is an amazing accomplishment for what our priorities are down here on Earth,
I can’t help but think that this is what it must have felt like
to be an American when Sputnik 1 launched.

How is it that China was able to do this,
and yet we haven’t managed to get back to that most desolate place since?

Yes, we as a country have managed the incredible with the Mars Rover and the Hubble Telescope but yet somewhere I can’t help but wonder where did we drop the ball?

So here’s a shout out to China,

  HAY ! ! !

With the hopes that maybe this can awaken our own countries fascination with 

                                                      what is possible in the 21st Century.

Bonus Video:
When I was in High School, back in 1994,
I became obsessed with the 25th Anniversary of the moon landing. 
TBS had done an excellent making of documentary documenting the space race,
and now that we live in the future it’s just one click away on YouTube.
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