Grumpy Cat gets Walk of Fame Star on Hollywood Boulevard, I haz thee inz tunt happyness

The Land with the Big Fancy Sign has some very interesting Walk of Fame stars.

When I first moved here I was very surprised to see the likes of Lassie, and Rin Tin Tin
but that’s not even scratching the surface.

Here are the ones that truly fascinate me:
(in order of appearance)

    13 November 1978 

 10 December 1985 

28 June 1987

13 September 1990

April 1994

14 January 2000

28 June 2001

14 November 2002

 9 August 2004

  Also a featured player on the dirty sidewalk:

29 November 2004

11 April 2006


20 November 2007

  20 May 2010

21 September 2010 

20 March 2012

And now Grumpy Cat joins their ranks:

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