Teen mom canceled, Baby Jesus & The Buddy Christ give an extension for Judgement Day

So The Mighty Tight Vag canceled Teen Mom.

I tried to watch 16 and Pregnant on a binge several years ago and well every couple with one exception I wanted to burn in effigy.

Whatever that is???

The only couple I related to was the ones that wanted to give their baby up for adoption and actually give their pile of child a chance.

So I gave them mad KUDOS but 

for the rest of you

          Y’ALL A BUNCH OF 
                           FUCKING DUMB ASSES!!!

And it was a glorious train wreck to behold.

My angelic heavenly side was feeling the burn for effigy and my satanic side was feeling overwhelming glee at the full retardness that was being presented before me.

Of course me and going back to my own high school dayz from almost 20 years ago, I can recall very clearly the moment when being pregnant suddenly started to become a reality in class. I was a junior back in the foul year of our Lord 1993 and I first saw her in Algebra Part II. Sitting there all prego and me wondering why I wasn’t cool enough to score with said prego???

A year later
it seemed like half the girls in class ended up prego
and me wondering
why am I so uncool???

Now thinking back I thank the good
Buddy Chist that I was so uncool and
so socially awkward that I was a
natural repellant to the opposite sex.
Or at least any of the ones I found
myself to be crushing on.

And this uncool factor would play heavily in my life when I made the decision to join the Military and then leaving the cheese wiz utopia to move to big fancy signage. If I had those kinds of attachments I would never have gotten to a point where my priority would have been so focused on myself and my own progression as a person.

I knew this instinctively in High School even though my life hadn’t really played out yet and being conditioned to have this so called ‘ordinary’ life.

My uncoolness in being who I am eventually gravitated toward seeing
‘The Great Rock n Roll Swindle’ during this time.

 Being programmed to that level over so many years is unbelievably damaging for when your uncool and you
 then find yourself in your early twenties,
never having been in a relationship,

        wondering if this is all there is in life,
and unlike so many of my peers
 basically ended up having that quarter life crisis

as described in my A Brief History of Artie post. 
And looking back I respect myself A LOT for going through it and coming out the other side.

Much more healthier and not having this feeling that I must conform to societal norms
in order to feel like my life has meaning.

Where was I??

Oh yeah,

So, my bro, and father of the century, don juan and agent smith to my Neo,

Became a father in 1989 at 25, and well he was on full retard then, but I wouldn’t realize how much until the last six years of my existence in the cheese wiz.

But anyways, he had a daughter, accidentally, cause like he really would have the foresight to plan for something like that, and then the next day she was like 5 years old and the day after that she was 15.

I was out of the military
and she was going through her first years of high school
and I told her very specifically . . .

And that your twenties are to figure out who you are so don’t ruin them by getting pregnant. Please break this ridiculous family cycle and WAIT till your at least thirty.

And well she didn’t. At least the getting pregnant part. No she waited till she was twenty, thus repeating the same ole cycle of you just fucked up your twenties before you even figured out who you are as a person, now with the responsibility of raising another person, as another cliche single mother, and well all i can say is

So here’s to all of you uncool teen girls out there who actually find yourself to be well adjusted
no matter how fucked your life is

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