Bush v Gore and a little recount in History, thanks Obama

Today is a very interesting day in that whole ‘this day in history’ thing:

Today in 2000 ! ! !
The Supreme Court rules 5-4 in Bush v. Gore, 
making George W. Bush the winner of the 2000 presidential election 
more than a month after Election Day.

In 2000 I was in my final year in the Military.

In my first relationship, and escalating towards engagement even though,

I knew that in my soul patch thang it didn’t feel right after that ‘On the Waterfront’ weekend and knowing  that intuitively in my soul patch thang that it was doomed.

But you don’t listen to your soul patch thang (especially after that quarter life crisis) and you keep on keepin’ on till it is absolutely in crystal clarity to you that you just are not destined to go down that republican jesus christian rock music country road and lovin on babies for the rest of your days in Alabama and or Texas.

(unless it’s Austin, cause that place is cool.)
History on the other hand, would prove different, 
and me wishing that I was in the other multi-verse 
where the priorities were 
the environment and world peace and all that 1960s long haired dirty hippie buggaboo speak. 
Or what Hunter S. Thompson had described in
his wave speech and an era

that I had missed living in. 

Although, in the late nineties it seemed
like it was getting to that point were we were
about to break the high water mark again but 
instead the bubble crashed and burned and broke.
Thanks Obama.

But back to the foul year of our lord 2000:

At the time I was so consumed with the Military and my relationship
that I did not pay attention at all to this election.

Even six months after having the 7 votes that counted,
              I could not have told you who the Vice-President was

? ? ?


for a profession where your life can change in an instant 
based on the decisions of who has the biggest dick cheney.

But this was the day that the course of history would forever be altered.

I still think that had Mr. dubya been president in during the Cuban Missile Crisis

he may have went with the nuke-ah-lar option.

or however you say that in dubya ? ? ?

I would not directly be involved with what transpired in our military over the next 8 years, 
but I certainly am wishing at the moment,
that I had been in 30 days past 9/11 
and had gotten that post 9/11 G.I. Bill

instead of 

being a lazy bastard and waiting to go to film school in the land with the big fancy sign 
with a month left in my Montgomery G.I. Bill.

But comfort and security is overrated sometimes and hunger is an excellent motivator.

There is an excellent HBO movie
I want to highlight here that you might not be aware of entitled


Regardless of the political party you affiliate yourself with,

I’m more Green Party than anything, 
and apparently my Foreign policy aligns mostly with the Libertarians ? ? ? 
(Thanks Obama‘s Facebook how Democratic are you ? ? ? poll)

This is a fascinating account of our political process and how it came down to 7 votes that changed the course of history for what some may argue to be just a bit closer to Judgement Day.

Which is apparently, what those republican jesus people have been praying for since birth.


At least The Mighty Tight Vag canceled Teen Mom.

So that’s something. Thanks Obama 🙂

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