Razzle has left the building

On December 8th, 1984 in a 
senseless act of judgement 
Hanoi Rocks drummer, Razzle,  
was killed in a car wreck.

Vince Neil was the driver and after

a hefty fine served 30 days in Jail.

The story from 
Vince’s perspective 
was told in great 
detail via their 
‘The Dirt.’ 

A book 

on par with that 
other book 

‘Thee Bible.’ 

So, go read it 

I would not be familiar with Hanoi Rocks until 1989 when Michael Monroe hosted The Head Bangers Ball. This was back when they were using S.O.D. for their interstitials, which I loved, and could never get into the kung-fu grip ones that ‘they’ went to once Rachman took over the show.

But anyways, here is my introduction to Hanoi Rocks:

 I was a big 
Motley Crue fan going back to 1983 and the Looks that Kill video
So by the time Theater of Pain came out it was 
Home Sweet Home every single day 
 on what was at that time TRL or the show that 
would eventually turn into TRL.
It’s pretty fascinating how humble beginnings can end up having the most soul 
until it turns into a commercialized cluster fuck of WTF???

Back to 1986 and I’m watching MTV, which had on a Vince Neil interview talking about jail and probation and there next album and me thinking 30 days for manslaughter? DAMN, that’s awesome.

 And of course the rest is Motley Crue history.

Now with Hanoi Rocks

they were the glam band

that never really took off.

Think of Poison meets the

New York Dolls. Or at

least Poison’s first album

before they went major

cheese with the likes of

‘Your Momma can’t dance

and your Daddy is really

lame to.’

Michael Monroe 
 would go on to have a 
 pretty successful solo career overseas. 
Most notably Japan. 

And Hanoi Rocks would re-form and end up doing kick ass shows. 
Most notably this show I found on YouTube a couple weeks ago 
from Arpil 12th, 2009.

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