John Lennon and the Dimebag

Today marks the anniversary of both John Lennon and Dimebag Darrell. 33 and 9 years respectively.

 I was five in 1980 so my knowledge of Mr. Lennon was non-existant.  
I do remember hearing ‘Imagine’ being played A LOT in the coming year 
and so this was my first introduction to the former Beatle. 

I would of course grow up and find the Beatles

throughout the eighties and into the nineties. So
by the time their Anthology series was released
in 1994 I was thoroughly versed in all things
On the other hand, Dimebag Darrell was again
someone that I was not familiar with until he left us
in 2004. I hate to admit that I was not a very big
Pantera fan in much the same way I was not an
Alice in Chains or even Nirvana fan. But I would

go on to discover their greatness once they were no 

longer a band.

What blew me away with Dimebag, just like John Lennon,
was that he made an impact on everyone he knew, and those that knew him, 
were very fortunate to have known him, and were better for it.

The question in all of this is why?

Why does someone (who I will not name) decide to take someones life 
and especially those that have had such an impact on so many people? 
The short answer:
God speed John Lennon and thee Dimebag,
I can only hope to live a life that makes me worthy 
to see you on the other side . . .

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