The worst movie of 2013 (Go see it immediately so I know I’m not completely off my rocker)

Last night I had the opportunity to see a feature film that will probably never see the light of distribution to the masses. This was held at mount super fabulous as part of the honors society monthly screening series. Which is a major privilege to be able to see movies that are done by your peers so of course everyone is emotionally attached to the movie and have difficulty seeing it for what it is or IMHO thee worst movie I’ve seen all year.

                                                   Here is the teaser trailer:

Even the teaser trailer to me is a major clue that this might not be the most awesome of movies because of it’s ‘artistic’ take. I also want to mention for the sake of my peers that for a movie on this level for those of just starting out the best shorts or movies I’ve seen from my own peer group are genre specific movies being either Comedy, Horror, and even Science-Fiction.

At this level it really seems that most of my peers want to do those dramatic, message, artsy fartsy movies, and these elements are this movie’s religion and I am so not a fan of religion.

Of course, everyone seemed to love it and that’s always been my issue here in the land with the big fancy sign is that everyone is so emotionally connected to the filmmaking process, with the filmmakers in attendance that everyone is blind to the fact that they have just seen rubbish.

But before I get to my review here is a more favorable review after I posted this as my status update on the bookface immediately after I spend 90 minutes watching something that felt like 3 hours:

Wednesday, December 4, 9:30 p.m.

at the risk of sounding uncool 
(with the exception of 1 stellar moment) 
that may have been thee worst movie ive seen all year 
maybe the a and que will make it just a tad better 
but totally doubtful, 
blah πŸ˜›
 blahness blah πŸ˜›

β€” feeling like i need another viewing of captain phillips in my life.

In the sake of fairness here is a favorable review:

“there were no explosions, gunshots, car chase scenes, aliens, cowboys, or typical hollywood movie plots. in my humble opinion, its one of the best non-studio movies (and even better than a lot of those) that Ive screened. I think it will be a contender at any of the major film festivals.

Here is my unedited rant and reply from last night while it was still fresh in my mind:

i was really wishing the screenplay would have had some sort of growth and enlightenment for our hero and there was just no arc for the main character in this, very flat, the characters were not very likeable and ended up in their situation due to their own choices and without learning or growth they’re doomed to just repeat this cycle so by the time we got to the end the character was basically in the same place mentally she was at in the beginning.

Perhaps that’s why there was just crying for the end credits??? Maybe she was releasing all that past horribleness which is great or maybe she’s just feeling sorry for herself which is not so great, or she’s crying for the sake of the horribleness of ‘rape culture’ which is good.

They also went into this very long romance angle which is a VERY typical movie plot and that boy meets girl and a day later they’re a thang which i can’t stand and for the main character who was not mentally capable of being in a relationship with this sort of ‘you complete me’ philosophy of being in a relationship and i really needed some sort of breakthrough moment and in this movie it’s just not there. And I was peeved at the lead actor who was not intelligent enough to know that this is a girl that the last thing she needs is a guy to complete her and she needs to free herself of her own pain and suffering like Natalie Portman in V for Vendetta.

Maybe I fell asleep when she figured out what happened to her at the party cause I still can’t figure out how she figured it out, although this lead to a phenomenal scene that ended way too soon??? If there was a moment to go really graphic and into really dark territory that was it. A major wasted opportunity there.

And the fact that they never really explored her mental motivations or got to her core being of who she was. I just couldn’t make any sort of emotional connection to her at all.

I never thought I would type this but it was too graphic for no emotional pay off for the audience so it felt exploitive and was just too much. Which is saying something for someone who absolutely loved Truth or Dare but with that it actually had a message that addressed the graphic-ness and was the point of the whole movie in that it actually had a strong message about the culture we live in.

Yes rape is evil but through the evilness a light can shine through and with this no light is going to be shining through for many many many years with that character without major therapy and doomed to repeat a cycle with every guy she will ever meet.

But at least she didn’t find the republican jesus, perhaps in another 20 years she will go that road and ignore the foundational causes completely which would be inline with that character.

Also, for a movie that really wants to shed a light on ‘rape culture’ they’ll never be able to release this movie to the public without clearing the music and the products so it was surprising that they used popular music in it and showed brand named items if they hope to get a distribution deal.

For the lead actress to give so much of herself to the role the least they could have done was to make sure that they would have a movie to put out without copyright issues.

And as a filmmaker I found that to be highly offensive.

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