Ode to Roger Rodus

Anytime a celebrity is unexpectedly

taken from us there is always

someone somewhere in the social

media universe who will say

something about why we never pay

attention to those that are not

celebrities? As if this somehow

makes us  less caring and that our

priorities are skewed and need to be

evaluated ?

The disturbing thing for me is not so much this take on celebrity, and finding it difficult to find anything on Google on who the other person was, but my point here is something else and something a bit more psychological in our psyche and how we view celebrity.

I may be naive in my thinking with this but as a collective human race I don’t believe that we don’t care to a degree that suggests we don’t care for those who have passed on because they weren’t celebrities.

People who’s profile is elevated to celebrity status in this day and age are gonna get reported on and death is a fact of life. The fact that when a celebrity gets taken from us and all of social media blows up about it is because those that have entertained us while making us escape from all the bullshit going on in our lives has on some level effected us on an emotional level. Especially when it’s so unexpected.

Yes, we feel something when someone has entertained us and Mr. Walker entertained A LOT of people. It doesn’t mean that we care any less for the soldiers who gave their lives for this country or the countless people who die every day who go too young, or unjustly, but people identify with a celebrity and how they felt when that celebrity can take them on a ride and entertain them. Especially in this case and a Filmography that goes back almost 20 years. 

It’s like the screening I was at for ‘Lone Survivor’ the other night and the director was there for the Q and A and being asked if he intentionally avoided having those cliche movie moments in his movie and his response was he intentionally put some in there.

It may be cliche for the viewing audience but it certainly wasn’t for the family of that fallen soldier who for a moment of cinematic screen time got to say goodbye to their loved one.

I’m sure that Mr. Rodus did not want to have his legacy be that he was ‘the driver’ and probably wouldn’t want the entire world knowing that his life would be defined in a lapse of judgement. But so it is.

Celebrity is a strange fish and is an incredibly powerful medium and every time this happens it reminds me that I’m in a business that can really effect people on a mass scale. I have no intention of being famous but I certainly don’t feel I have chosen to work within an industry that is a waste of a life.

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