Art Holmes’ Hollywood Entrepreneur’s Promoting and Networking Collective

I started a Facebook Group:

This is actually my second Facebook Group. I started one about four years ago called:

March 9th, 2009 3:00 a.m. insomnia 

but I was so black sheep that no one could relate to it. I think I managed to get up to like 10 people at one time but as I looked back on the other day I was the only member on it.

And for the most part anyone who ever left a comment deleted me or deleted their profile as I had made a point to friend request other ‘black sheeps.’

It’s interesting re-reading the description of the group that I can feel a lot of anger from it and my plight in the world at that time. And yet that anger seems to be very justified.

But enough of the past and let’s focus on the glorious present.

This week has been a week of much learning and coming to the realization that there are two head spaces that you will find people are coming from in the land with the big fancy sign.

One coming from ego and that what can you do for me mentality and the other coming more from making other people look good makes you look good. My philosophy very much comes from this other perspective and I feel to be much more spiritually rewarding. I’ll be writing about these two headspaces in greater detail in a future blog post.

I don’t want to make this a closed group to just feature people that work in the industry here as there is a very good filmmaking scene in other places and people to know in those lands.

As for my motivation in creating this group is to really have a promotional and networking platform for not only us starting out here but for those consummate professionals who value finding people with similiar headspaces to their own.

I’ve heard many a times from my insructors at Mount Super Fabulous that most people in the industry will work with someone who doesn’t know anything but has the right attitude and professionalism to learn and have the humility to do whatever it takes to get there than someone who ‘knows it all’ but is a pain in the ass to work with.

But more on this in another post, for now here is

the link to my new Facebook group:

If you feel like this a group you

can identify with, and would like to

be a part of, please feel free to send a

request to join.

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