A Betrayed Inception

This is one of the very first projects that I’ve been involved with since it’s inception which is a very rare thing and already I’ve been tasked with not only coming up with the first draft screenplay but also as the First Assistant Director.

Here is the teaser trailer followed by the kickstarter campaign to familiarize yourself with the project:

Gina returns from deployment only to find out that the biggest battle of her life – has just begun.

To ALL movie lovers! 
We have got a new short film like no other! 
It’s fresh, unique, and personal.

We have stated $5,000 as our goal because we want to make sure we reach it, but we are hoping to exceed the goal, because the reality of it is, with more funding we can make an even better film. When it comes to making a film, time is money. So, we are using the funds to do the following: to rent equipment, pay for permits, locations, insurance, post-production such as, sound, enhance the look of the film, music, and of course, the most important thing is to feed the cast and crew. With your support we will simply have a better movie.
And of course, there are risks involved in the making of any film, such as delays, setbacks or disappointments over the course of prepping for the movie, shooting and completing the movie. But, we as a strong filmmaking team we are confident that at the end we will come through, we will succeed and we will have a very awesome movie for ALL to enjoy!
Upon successful completion of the movie, we will submit to film festivals across the country, as this will allow for more people to see the film.
Thank you ALL in advance for your support and trust!
And of course don’t forget to like us on the FB:
 Please donate and share to a project that touches upon themes that mirror a lot of our veterans experiences as they come home to a world so different than the one they left behind. 
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