Jack Black Ouija Seance Surreality

Thee Jack Black Seance may perhaps be the most surreal experience I’ve ever had. But before I go into the details of this most surreal reality let me go back to shitty pipe dreams circa Summer of 2004.

The foul of our lord 2004 
was pretty much me stressing out about 
how to not lose my humble abode in the trailer park 
due to the fact that I had gotten outsourced from my job at SSI Tech 
in the cheese wiz utopia back in December and 

by the time summer rolled around my unemployment was basically cah-put. 
A nice picture of 666 South Bluff Road Lot 310, Cheese Wiz Utopia 
my humble abode from October 2001 to April of 2007

But for whatever reason one of the movies that I remember well from that horrid summer of nothing is ever going to happen to me was ‘School of Rock.’ You know the one with thee Jack Black. Well I thought it was o.k. Still really don’t care for that lame ass song they came up for the end cause I really didn’t think it rocked all that hard considering that the rest of the movie did 
a fairly decent job of hard rockin. 
But it was the movie that made Jack Black a household name 
and then I would go on to realize I had seen him before else in other things. 
Most notably in ‘Bob Roberts.’
As 2004 turned into 2013 I would slowly grow to admire Mr. Black. 
Most notably in King Kong and especially 
with Tenacious D and making squeeze box tolerable to listen to 
and I make it a point that whenever I’m at the Venice Beach Boardwalk 
I got thee D 
in my m p free player. 
So thee D 
was really starting to become the soundtrack to 
the beginning of my experiences here.

Onto the present day and I am completely blown away by him in 
the movie ‘Bernie’ 
and of course in Mount Super Fabulous fashion ‘they’ actually did an A and Que with Richard Linklater for it and I unfortunately missed a screening of it the night before at the holy fabulous Arclight where Black and Mcclain were actually there for the A and Que. 
Here is the Richard Linklater A and Que link that I was actually at:
So, well, woe is me life, onward and upward I shall progress . . .

As thee pick of destiny would play out I was somehow destined to have an experience that featured me witnessing, in person, the following and what may be perhaps the most surreal experience of my existence:
Now when I lived in my trailer park home back in the cheese wiz utopia my shitty pipe dream would basically consist of me winning an oscar and mentioning 
how far removed it was from that trailer park existence. 
This may not be winning an oscar but for me this is an amazing example of living a life that I tend to question the sanity of whether it’s actually going to start paying off anytime soon and the universe saying dude, it may not seem like it now, but it’s totally worth it.

In the three years I’ve been here and to see my own progression this is 
one of those stand alone moments. 
And for a brief second, or two, or a few, 
I actually felt like I was back in that foul year of our lord 2004 
having a shitty pipe dream of a life that was way beyond my reach of possibilities . . .
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