What does Andy Dick, Terry Crews, Bill Nye (that science guy), and Roland Emmerich all have in common?


They’ve all been in the same room as 

 THEE Art Holmes 

 in the last two weeks

Let’s start with . . .


I first saw Andy Dick in person very randomly at the


hotel on Hollywood and Vine or whatever the block up

or down that is all connected to the Red line Vine?

I had been on a mass invite list

to attend a little schindig for the


Least Among Saints

A military inspired film of sorts that I have yet to see
although I received numerous invites to see it for free
on the third street pomagranite in Santa Monica
but I have like other priorities and stuff.

Directed by


But back to this event at


And one of the very few events I’ve been to that was very very Hollyweird as it was a very small space and extremely packed. I lasted about an hour before I left to


and get on their guest wifi but as I was leaving the area to get some personal space in the main lobby that is when I saw him.

 and his entourage.

And I was like wow that’s Andy Dick.

And usually I have to do a double take just to make sure, who it is, that I think it is, that I am seeing, but

there is no mistakin’ Andy Dick.

Flash foward to this month and I’m on my own turf at Mount Super Fabulous doing my Mount Super Fabulous thang and who walks right past me?
Andy’s freakin’ Dick.
But now I’m starting to get obsessed with my upcoming Radio Show I’m Producing and Writing and who knows what else?

And my first thought was how unprofessional would it be to go up to Mr. Dick and ask him if he would be interested in being a guest? 

I then see my technical advisor and marketing guru for the show, waive him over and then Mr. Dick walks past us as my Marketing and Tech guru sais:

Hi Andy

like he’s known him since like before birth?

It was very cool and I managed to keep my professionalism.

Apparently, there are moments to ask these things and there are moments when it just isn’t very advisable and that sure was one of them. 
But flashing way way back to the foul year of our lord 1996
here is the first movie I ever saw
THEE Andy Dick

Which reminds me a couple months ago I had the opportunity to sit in on an A and Que with

but of course I was scheduled for class, so here’s a couple of pictures as a consolation prize:

Onto . . .


and the unique surprises that can happen at


My internship place this last month has re-formatted their show to a live show 
once a week at 4 pm PST instead of live 5 days a week at 12 PST. 
So they have been really focusing on bringing in guests that are a bit more known 
outside of the youtube universe. 
And these last two weeks have been quite the experience as far as 
getting acclimated to being around people you know about 
but are not that familiar with until after 
when you look them up and realize, 
I was just in the same room as

Dwayne Elizondo  
Mountain Dew 
Herbert Camacho:

 Here is the clip when he was in the same room as me and he danced


Flash forward one week and the guest is 
Bill Nye (that Science guy) 
and I’m like now that’s freakin cool 
and someone who had been tossed around the possible future guest bin 
since I started there.

Shira had done an interesting interview with him way way back in 2010 about 3D printers . . .

Here is the clip of  . . .


when he was in the same room as me and he did some dancing,
to his own theme song

And now onto . . .

Who is not pictured in the above picture 


Now way back in the second week of July we did a

screening for ‘White House Down’and the A and Que

consisted of some of the VFX Team pictured above. Sans

Mr. Emmerich but since he’s a super fabulous big shot it’s

not like he’s gonna be there, but oh, how time flies when

your in a coma, and last night we ended up with A and

Que Part Deux with Mr. Emmerch along with VFX

Supervisors Volker Engle and Marc Weigert and I believe

Mr. Engle is the bald headed gent pictured in the first A

and Que back way back in July? Or it may be Weigert? I

can’t keep those two straight?

This turned out to be one of those 

very special A and Ques that about 

20 people showed up for.

Every once in awhile we get a director here that I’m just star struck by. Honors society actually had


show up the day before the election as we did a screening of his all time favorite movie 

and he even did a little speech before the movie. And of course only like 5 people showed up so it was a freakin’ amazing experience and so laid back and none of this you can’t take pictures and yadda yadda yadda red tape and I got to enjoy a movie from the director of 

Thee Day After
(not to be confused with Thee Day After Tomorrow)

which is coincidentally a Roland Emmerich flick

 So yeah, great classic made for T.V. movie, right? Ya, darn tootin’ now where was I?

Oh yeah,

So last night Roland Emmerich was here for what amounted to an A and Que for White House Down and Anonymous. We had screened white house down the week after the fourth of July and this made for a most excellent A and Que if it had happened then and I was really floored that only about 20 people showed up. Most from the Visual EFX Society and a handful of students, mostly from film.

And it basically turned into a love fest for pre-viz and Roland sharing stories such as George Lucas having invented pre-viz back when he was making star wars and 20th Century Fox thought he was on crack or ludes or whatever the kids were doing in those days? Had no faith that Star Wars would do anything and then basically sold him all the franchising and merchandising rights.

His main words of wisdom being do a project that you love cause it will be reflective in the final product. I felt extremely special and priviliged to be one of the few that came and sat in on this.

Oh and I almost forgot to mention that in the midst of all this and learning all there is to know about Intellectual Properties in class that last week Mount Super Fabulous had a screening for Iron Man 3 and the director and co-writer did an A and Que after with a special screening of Agent Carter which you can watch the short film below and listen to the full A and Que by clicking on the link 🙂

         Also, apparently this was the only time Agent Carter had been shown on the big screen

And of course the link to the complete A and Que with 
Co-Writer/Director with Shane Black and Co-Writer  Drew Pearce:


And, in closing, here is a quick note I received from 
my super fabulous instructor in Intellectual Property today:

Thank you so much for such wonderful feedback. You are an exceptional student and you will go far. We are finding that the Professionalism rubric is a positive reinforcement for the class, so I am glad you also appreciate it. That will continue in future classes. I also look forward to seeing you again in another class.

Your exam grade was 95.5 (congratulations!)  and your final grade is 94.9. Great job!

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