September 11th, 12 years later . . .

12 years ago today I had been honorably discharged from the Army approximately 2 weeks after having been actively enlisted since August of 1997. I had awoken that morning on sisters couch, turned on the t.v., just in time to see the second plane hit. This pretty much led to 10 years of political awakening and getting really set in my political philosophies which turned out to be very in sync with Mr. Gandhi and being pretty much a socialist bastard for the good of the planet and we’re all in it together and yadda yadda yadda and all that sixties hippie bugah-boo speak.

Go figure that 1?

But anyways, that was then when I was just starting to transition back into civilian life, not sure about my future and stuck, very much like Tom Hanks on that island not knowing that it was going to take me damn near 10 years (letting my G.I. Bill expire in the process) just to get to that point where I would rather die trying to get off that cheese wiz utopia island of a life than staying there one more horrid fucking minute.

Flash forward 12 years . . .

This has been a very interesting week so far. I am currently in month seven of my Entertainment Business Bachelors Program at Mount Super Fabulous. This month’s class is Intellectual Property and even though I just started it last week today marks the halfway point already.

We just finished all things copyright, and now we are on to Trademarks. Since I started this blog there has been a very syncronous feel to this program and how it relates to the extra curricular activities I am doing outside of the classroom.

For example,

Starting in month 4 we had Entertainment Marketing and was given what I consider one of the greatest assignments in the history of my Mount Super Fabulous career and that was the creation of this blog and damn if I didn’t get oh so close to 5,000 views in the first 3 months.

Although, to be fair a couple hundred of those views could be my own before I figured out how to turn that damn self counter off, and why the F’n H?? Do ‘they’ even have that? And, apparently, there are bots that can inflate your count to, but still for where I am at and as long as this Blog has been in existance my page view count is not too terrible.

Now onto month 5 and Statistical Applications. Once I posted the Kevin Smith post I managed a record setting view count in a single day of 725 and then, like thee Hurley man on ‘Lost’, I became obsessed with the numbers. This was very helpful since I was studying Statistical Applications and being able to apply that to this and learning all there is to learn about Statistical Applications and again me thinking that I’m on the right path cause it was just too damn synchronous.

Month 6 and I’m in Business Ethics and Social Responsibility. A class where I felt I was in a half coma for most of the month and of course I missed my minimum acceptable grade of 94 percent for the month by 0.8% thus knocking down my GPA from a 3.94 to a 3.90 when I would have made a 3.95. But instead of forging ahead of the class by possibly .03 I am now behind by .02 so in conclusion last month was an utter failure in being super fabulous with the assigned work.

So now onto month 7 and Intellectual Property where for the first two weeks we have studied nothing but copyrights but another syncronous event is taking shape and that’s my first real experience in being a Writer/Producer for our student veteran run radio show “Rally Point Radio.” And really feeling my role in it is actually being takin seriously.

I will be going into more detail about this show in future posts and especially when we start actually making content for air, but for now as we are ramping up I am finding that this Intellectual Property class is coming in very handy and that now that I am a third of my way through this program it’s actually starting to feel like I’m finally starting to learn something useful and then being able to apply that out of the classroom while at the same time it’s really building up my own self confidence and self worth.

So as my humps day is coming to a close I started off the week sending a letter to thee Kevin Smith peoples as a possible first guest for the radio show. I’m giving that about a 10 to 20 percent shot I’ll actually get a reply and then I had another sighting of thee Andy Dick again. This time on my own turf at Mount Super Fabulous today and my first thought was how uncouth would it be to just go up to him and ask him to be a guest on our radio show?

I would most likely fail the professionalism grade that is now a part of the monthly grade but it sure would be a quick ass way to get a rejection instead of waiting around for a response that will most likely never come.

And with that I will close this particular post with a question?

If presented in a situation where you find yourself in the presence of possible future guests for your radio show should you maintain your professionalism and let the opportunity pass you by cause the window of opportunity and conditions set forth by the environment in that given moment is not ideal? Or just say fuck it and commit possible professional suicide and just barge in and ask?

Now I’m a big believer of whatever is meant to happen will happen and if it’s meant to happen it will happen and the opportunity to pitch to a possible future guest in person without having to go through miles and miles of ‘they’ people will present itself and that moment today certainly was not it.

But as far as the radio show goes for actual content to be recorded I did manage to line up a possible of 3 interviews already, and I think I hit a home run on my Copyright Exam, and I have the internship and live show with the ‘Whats Trending’ crew on the manananahahaha, plus a screening of ‘Grandmaster’ which should be some bad-assary, and a couple of side projects where I’m actually the first a.d. on one of them so I need to figure out what that person actually does?

So that’s where I am currently in my life.

All and all as I reflect on where I was and what I was doing 12 years ago, on this day, I honestly can say that it’s week’s like this and the anticipation of the weeks that are to follow that it is going to be one very interesting and worth while ride into new learning experiences and discovering what this ever evolving soul patch thing of mine is?

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