How to get deleted on Facebook by the mentally unstable

This is what I consider to be the strangest reason why anyone has ever deleted me on the Facebook

It all started when a very hot girl from southern cali posted on her fb that people should wash their hands so it reminded me of the following:

but I was on my mobile at the time and well it can be difficult to post links on it so i wait till I have some ‘puter power and i go back to post on her ‘people should wash their hands’ post but it was gone


and me being thee Art Holmes I didnt want to waist the thought cause who doesnt


 He stands up for the repressed chicanos and chicanos need support just like the rest of us. Especially in southern cali so I post on her most recent status and say this is not going to make any sense for this post but it would have for your previous post.

I then get an inbox message that the link caused this big fight between her and her boyfriend who she vents all her frusrtations at on thee Facebook on a daily basis. Obviously a healthy relationship goin on there. So I question her on this thru several exchanges and then when I say her manly man man is a shining example for the rest of the wimpy wussy fellas in how to be a manly man man she deleted me.

I was very bummed by this cause when she’s not ripping on her boyfriend she posts very enlightened comments that are enlightning. But yet she chooseth poorly in that whole love thang.

Heres the thread:

Philistine of thee Augustines 

Your comment on my wall caused a problem for me with my boyfriend

Art Holmes 
April 27 at 11:57am in the foul year of our lord 2011

lol how so?

Philistine of thee Augustines 
April 27 at 12:24pm in the foul year of our lord 2011

Because you didn’t make sense when you put your video post on that particular posted subject, when the “WASH YOUR HANDS” post was there and you didn’t say anything about it then. .

Art Holmes 
April 27 at 12:31pm in the foul year of our lord 2011

that makes like no sense since i mentioned that it wouldnt make sense to begin with i would have posted earlier with said comment about the washing of the hands but i was on my mobile when i saw the post and my signal was very weak for the tube of u to post so i waited till i was on puter but then update was gone and i didnt want toss the thought which i think is very creative, funny, and clever and . . .

i love thee MACHETE !!! so much.

He stands up for the repressed chicanos.

Somewhere in your comment must be the answer why I am as single as anyone could ever hope to have a nightmare about and obviously your boyfriend is very awesome. I shall work on this as my personality adapts to the ways of the california manly man 🙂 .

Philistine of thee Augustines 
April 27 at 12:38pm  in the foul year of our lord 2011

I KNOW what you mean. That’s what he said though.The video was funny…”repressed chicanos” lol…. “WASH YOUR HANDS” is because I’ve seen so many damn people who work in the restaurants NOT wash their hands after using the lady’s bathroom (GAG) Oh, he’s not from California at all….he’s from NEW YORK~! He came out here only to get me~! .

Art Holmes 
April 27 at 12:43pm in the foul year of our lord 2011

your boyfriend sure does seem like a manly men amongst men of the idiot persuasion. i shall learn from his example of being non sensical in his insecurities .

Philistine of thee Augustines 
April 27 at 12:48pm in the foul year of our lord 2011

 What kind of “man” are YOU to disrespect my partner? .

 Art Holmes 
April 27 at 12:54pm in the foul year of our lord 2011

i dont really consider myself a ‘man’ cause im very childish cause i still have my sense of humor and not to take things so seriously and considering my last physical this has kept me very healthy. someday i will grow up and be manly man find the republican jesus and gain some seriousness and then die of high blood pressure or some other ailment when i transition into being a real ‘man’ but this is not one of those dayz

*this when i went back to her page and she had deleted the artie

So unfortunately i did not get a response. 


So thats the weirdest example I know of why someone deleted me. 
So lesson learned from this? 

DO NOT DELETE the symptoms 
DELETE the root cause.

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