Stephanie Meyer does not complete the Art Holmes bucket list at Austenland screening

This is another moment in my life that happened two weeks ago that would have been included on many a bucket list but unfortunately my life does not evolve around the movie ‘Twilight’ and it’s many subsequent incarnations or whatever projects Stephanie Meyer is currently working on.

This is unfortunate since two weeks ago I found myself occupying the same space with her as she showed up unannounced at the ‘Austenland’ screening at Mount Super Fabulous which I so did not expect. One, because I didn’t even know she was involved with the making of the movie until I saw the end credits. But once I saw her name the whole theme of the movie made a lot more sense to me and I would have been in a more proper headspace when I was watching it and she actually freakin’ showed up where she divulged interesting tid bits about things I have no idea or care about.

Now as far as the movie ‘Austenland’ land goes, I didn’t hate it that much, because her and the director who also co-wrote Napolean Dynamite addressed the same issues I had with it. Like that dudes a total stalker, why isn’t she creeped out? And even the things during the movie that I thought were schlocky made sense by the time that naive dufus chick was leaving the ‘Austenland’

I guess to sum it up best it would be like me coming to the land with the ‘big fancy sign’ just to get the ‘big fancy sign’ out of my system and then leaving because i realized the ‘cheese wiz utopia’ was the place for me with it’s lack of foliage and an ocean pacific for death defying winters and I don’t know whats??

But for those of you who have seen ‘Austenland’ and follow Stephanie Meyer like the crazed stalker at the end of ‘Austenland’ here is thee A and Que with Jeff Goldsmith from that night.

Enjoy 🙂

Austenland A and Que 

featuring Producer/Novelist Stephanie Meyer and Co-writer/Director Jerusha Hess

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