How to do a PICTure hACK using Blogger

Your ex girl sends you a picture of yourself from 13 years ago on the Facebook but for some reason it’s one of those you can not drag and drop into your desktop so what do you do?
Well, one solution is to copy and paiste. Yes, did you know you can actually copy and paiste photos? Well you can with Blogger. I learned this a couple of posts back when I copy and paisted some facebook conversation threads into thee Blog Post How to get someone to DELETE you from their Facebook in 8 minutes and low and beholdE it copy and paisted all the profile photos which I so did not expect. 
So today when I was completely perplexed why I couldn’t drag and the drop the photos sent to me in the Facebook messenger place I figured I would try this copy and paiste method and lo and beholdE it 

And, as an added bonus, you can actually change the picture size 🙂 
It’s like mana from the heavens place. 
  • In conclusion the only conclusion is, 
  • is that, 
  • I RULE!!! 

Now if I could figure out how to get rid of that damn white border back ground, 
I would RULE!!! 
even more
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