The Idi Odyssey

O.k. so I totally forgot that I had this or had even done it. This was an assignment in my mythology class when I was at The Los Recording School. Now you may ask yourself what does mythology have to do with the Recording Arts and how did I get here?

Well basically it’s like dis.

When one is in the pursuit of their degree at The Los Angeles Recording School it is at an Associates level. This basically means you have to take general education courses. Now with the program the way it’s set up you don’t have a choice as to which ones you can take and this is all set up by the skool in advance. So with the general education courses you will actually have students in your class from the other programs with are Film. Gaming, and Animation. but mostly Recording students, and some Film students sprinkled in and maybe a gamer and animation student which are very rare.

So anywayz, in Mytology I had a fictional writing assignment and I’ve never been a fan of fiction. This may actually have been part of the final? But I’ve only ever written one other fictional piece before also called the ‘Idi Odyssey’.

The title is something I had heard Coppola use to describe Apocalypse Now in the Eleanor Coppolas documentary of the film. So I basically stole it for my assignment I had in Junior year of High School, or maybe it was Sophomore year? It was awhile ago, but that story was very mythical and this is one more autobiographical but in a fictional sort of sense.

Or something?

So here is a very rare ‘fictional’ piece written by ME!!!

My mythology story for mythology class 🙂

Act I
John (hero) lives in the land of the cheese wiz utopia. An island trapped in a big black abyss of horribleness. Nothing is going his way. He used to work, have his own life, but then the king of the great land looked negatively upon the poor people of his land. He did not like them so he shipped all their jobs to Bolivia and this turns out to be very horrible for John. Over the next four years John would be on a constant downward spiral. Losing his home, living with his mother on his 30th b happy day and an alcoholic bro that is so negative that he would eventually learn how to be the most positive human thang that the fine ladies of the cheese wiz utopia could ever hope to have a nightmare about.
One day a miracle comes to our hero by way of inheritance around the same exact time that his mother is being evicted from her house because the king believes that some thangs are just too big to fail and therefore she will have to go live in a home for really really old people who cannot take care of themselves anymore. Not believing in coincidences our hero believes that this inheritance is a sign from the baby Jesus fish (supernatural aid) to get off that horrible island of the cheese wiz like tom hanks in that one movie that our humble reader may not have seen and go live the life that he was meant to live. Getting there, however, would not be easy. (call to adventure)
Our hero heads out on the long road traveling vast distances by way of the greyhound eventually landing in the land with the big fancy sign. He lives and parties for a good solid six month but with no contacts in the land with the big fancy sign ends up broke and on the streets. Refusing to seek help due to the kings stereotype of pulling yourself up by your bootstraps and not wanting to be viewed as one of those lazy bastard thangs he will live on the streets for a year being the typical bum like Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins stealing food just to survive.
The baby Jesus fish realizing that our hero is in dire straits and has learned valuable lessons in his journey sends two blue meanies to give our hero a wake up call to move off their turf and not use it as a crash site for the night after having used it for the last year because our hero got himself into a routine of not having to push through his fear of asking for help (refusal of the call) and so faced with his street eviction he travels to the land of lost souls who spend their entire days waiting for a greyhound that will never come.
Act II
Having entered the land of lost souls (belly of the whale) John finds Roland (mentor) and London (Herald), and Jerin (the trickster) ,who will eventually lead John to his path of destiny. But first John must start the process of finding himself again (road of trials). There will be many tests of John’s faith in himself culminating with hard work and the opportunity to meet up with Ovitz (the goddess) in the land with the big fancy sign. Ovitz having done his research on John knows that he has the power to put him back in the land of the lost souls and tempts John with jobs and opportunities that go against Johns moral and ethical code (temptation).  Ovitz never having anyone deny an offer will seek out Evil Ed (shape shifter) to destroy John from accomplishing any success in the land with the big fancy sign. Evil Ed will show up to befriend John and offer John work that will trick  John into taking offers that John thinks will help him but do nothing but hold him back. John will go to his longtime mentor Roland for advice tho they have not talked in awhile due to Johns persistence of being a somebody in the land with the big fancy sign (atonement with the father)and will come to achieve an enlightenment from him that achieving what Ovitz has is not the be all end all of what John has set himself on the path to accomplish. (apostasis). Realizing that Evil Ed is Evil Ed he refuses to work with Evil Ed and instead he will take the jobs that fulfill his own soul and self worth leaving behind a dead end existence that left him in a trapped no compete clause thang burning more bridges in the land with the big fancy sign and will live in a shotgun shack in the center of the universe. John is happy and content. He is fulfilled with living the journey and not focused on the final destination (the ultimate boon). John is so consumed that giving anything back to his fellow man is a foreign concept that he himself would have to take a ton of Indian peyote ceremonies to come up with and execute with any sort of weight and honesty. (refusal of the return)
John is flyin’ high in his journey being at the bottom of the totem pole in the land with the big fancy sign but he’s making a go of it and has a life that he is living in his own fulfilling ways. (magic flight). But after 20 years John feels that something is missing. In the land with the big fancy sign Ovitz is God and God did’nt like it when John did not go for his temptations. This held John back from gaining serious momentum. He hangs with London and Jerin a lot who keep his spirits up and talks with Roland to keep him centered  (rescue from without). Roland understanding that John needs to give back in order to move on to the next step of his path to  enlightenment convinces John to become a mentor to the type of person he was when he first came to the land of lost souls. (crossing the return threshold) and thus becoming a master of the land of lost souls and the master of the land with the big fancy sign (master of two worlds). Finding a true purpose in the giving back to another human thang John finds the missing element that was missing from his life.
John has no regrets about his life. He is amazed at the opportunities that have befallen him since his call to adventure. Many more moons will pass until John creates a whole community of artists that eventually will start their own communities and the fantasy ideal that John had of the land with the big fancy sign will be lost forever.
Your humble reader did see that movie. You wrote a good application of the archetypes, even though it was a bit pessimistic. 100%
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