The Devil Wears Prada: 2 Bullshits out of 4 Half-truths (a short movie review by Art Holmes)

December 21, 2009 at 8:07 a.m.

u may be surprised that i actually liked this movie. well up to a certain point. . .
after the horribly painful ‘the family stone’ i re-watched this movie. i saw it when it came on dvd and i actually kinda liked it but i remembered why i had a major problem with it the first time.
so lets see anne hathaway is a frumpy fat chick who at the beginning of the movie is really kewl with equally kewl boyfriend. HEY she has a boyfriend. i wont have to sit thru a predictable romantic comedy. this is how i felt when o.j. pleaded not guilty and he had a white lawyer. after rodney king the last thing i needed to see was some black lawyer bringing up the holocaust (oh wait. . .spoke too soon)
so anne and the boyfriend have a very healthy relationship. she must do the guy like every night. but then onto the scene comes this writer guy who’s she admired since college. and makes an occasional appearance taking me out of the movie.
and then we get to paris. . .
since anne is choosing career over boyfriend they split and then in a moment of weakness she does the writer guy????? how many times does she get laid in this movie???? well i was basically out of the movie after this. and then of course he turns into a jerk like hugh grant in bj’s diary. umm i predicted this before the guy said his first line. and then when they’re all at the big to do event he’s with another girl?????
anne then chooses her soul and goes back to new york to be with boyfriend but no mention of infedility and they live happily ever after?????
if theres one thing i cant stand in a movie is predicatability and the ability to see something happening 2 hours before it happens. this happened when i saw spider man 3 when green goblin says in the hospital ‘id die for those 2’ and 2 hours later. . .the movie would have been great if it hadnt been for that one line. anywayz. . .
other than that i liked this movie more than i thought i giveit 2 bullshits out of 4 half truths
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