How to get someone to delete you from their Facebook in 8 minutes

So, this is one of those times when you’ve had facebook mileage with a person for oh about 3 years or so and over the course of that time they found the jesus and are lovin’ the jesus. Their whole life is now all consumed by the jesus, and your realize that it is only a matter of time before they will most likely delete you from their facebook existence because it’s what the jesus would do. 
You know the type. 
They most likely just had another baby cause their marriage was in the shitter and figured the baby will save the marriage. They are now going to church and every facebook status is now all about how they love the jesus.

So boring, and an amazing excuse to not deal with the core issues of what the problems are to begin with. Like magically all their problems will disappear now cause the jesus is at the wheel???



Anyways, this is one of those things that was bound to happen and a great example of how once you find the jesus, having an opinion about anything and a real ethical thought or substance is now as exinct as the dodo bird, or whatever that bird was?? I mean dude, just give me your honest feelings about what the verse means to you? Is that really so difficult?

But anywayz, this is in response to a girl (that I knew of but didn’t really know all that well back in High School) and her husband’s Facebook status. Which I think is a freakin’ excellent verse in a Bruce Wayne overcoming his fear of bats sortah way and the path to love is to break through your fear and all that and I just wanted to get a confirmation from the husbandry that he was not in fact living in total fear of his maker but had broken through all of that and now see’s the light and glory and all that amen ness and to really just give me his honest opinion and feelings and how he felt about this particular proverb and what it meant to him on a personal level?

And to know that he was not worshiping a deity that at it’s core is not based on fear and ego or as Wayne Dyer would say about ego and that ego basically stands for:


So in a bizarre way I was able to unite them in their defense of the fear making ego driven jesus and his pops and maybe made them just that much closer to each other while I was seen as the lost hope satan worshipper or something or other?

So success I guess? Who knows?

All I know is that at the time they were really struggling financially and just had baby number four and finding the jesus as their marriage was seemingly in the crapper.

So here it is, names have not been changed cause maybe you might be in agreement and when seeking out said ex peeps a republican jesus powwow can be accomplished. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

How to get DELETED in 8 minutes

October 9, 2012 at 3:22pm

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Edward Brandon

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.” Proverbs 9:10

Deserae Brandon and James Pruitt like this.  

art holmes 

What is Edward Brandon’s interpretation of said proverb?

Edward Brandon 

I do not interpret God’s word. I take it at face value….when God’s word is interpreted, it just gets man’s view…man’s twist…devalued…becomes false doctrine.

art holmes 

so your status has no meaning to you personally?

Edward Brandon means just what it says….all God’s word has meaning to me

art holmes 

and what is that meaning?

Edward Brandon 

If you have no fear of the Lord, you aren’t very wise. To understand requires acknowledgement of His existence, repenting of your sins, living life as the new man He makes us, devo…
See More 
(unfortunately he deleted me so i cant get access to the rest of that stuff that was apparently in english 😥)

Deserae Brandon 

Amen Edward Brandon
art holmes 
so what your saying is that fear is more important than love because our creator made us that way. your god sounds like he has issues with ego

Edward Brandon 

As was said art holmesyou will never understand what you do not acknowledge even exists.

Deserae Brandon 

lol art has no clue. God’s love is mighty. He is our Father. Just as your flesh father you feared but loved so shall you Fear God & know he loves you

Edward Brandon 

My God is a vengeful, gracious, loving, all mighty, and faithful and more…God is the Alpha and Omega, God is omnipresent and in control of all. I believe with all my heart and soul.

art holmes 

your gods a scary dude. life’s too short to live with so much fear and judgement. i can’t do it so kudos since it obiously works for you
  • The Fear of the Lord

    Deserae Brandon 
    I don’t click nonsense links. I hope one day you are saved & you get it before its to late for you.

    Edward Brandon 

    I live in a world of love…fear comes from his Judgement of what we do in sin. My Lord says to distance from unbelievers. I am to take the word of God to them, share it, but I will not argue over my relationship nor continue to associate with them, I am to distance myself. So shortly my friend, you are going to be delete. I have no need for your sarcasm and unbelief in my walk with the Lord. Praying for you and your world of make believe you dwell within.

    art holmes 

    i’m deleting anywayz since i dont believe in a god thats based on judgement based on sin i committed before i was birthed. if i cant even share something that enforces your own point the only thing i can take from that is your own pure judgement on my lack of religious ferver hate racisim and fanatasizm and thats just going to bring me up to your own level of fear and darkness disguised as love wrapped in a delusion to keep your pastor to get you to vote against your own interests and all that bugaboo stuff that you need a religious theologist to interpret. i’m not into that kind of progression for the eternity of my soul patch thang

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