Art Holmes Top 10 movies: Year 1990



This will be an ongoing series here on the blog-o-sphere. I did this last night as a FB status update, but I liked how this turned out so much that I want to cover every year I’ve been alive and maybe some more, in no paricular order in the future:

The challenge is set! The new thing going around is Top 10 Movies by Year. Like this status to get assigned a year and then list your top 10 movies based on IMDB release dates.

Year assigned by Lon Harris: 1990

1. Dances With Wolves – Kevin Costner

I saw this in the theater with my pops who is now unfortunately defunked. I highly recommend the four hour cut that came out a couple of years later, but as far as movies and the memory attached to it this ranks as the best movie I saw that year.

2. Goodfellas – Martin Scorsese

I saw this on HBO one late night and was completely riveted by it from beginning to end. One of the great uses of voice over and multiple voice overs at that ever. The soundtrack was amazing and was also the first time I was exposed to Sid Viscous version of ‘My Way’.

3. Total recall – Paul Verhoven

Another movie that was completely riveting, beginning to end, the special effects, the chick with the three breastezez. It would be understatement to say I was just a bit disappointed with the reboot last year


4. Pump up the volume – Allan Moyle

Saw this right before I started my freshman year in High School. A movie I related to extremely well and saw a lot of myself in that lead character. Loved the soundtrack, but was disappointed that the cassette I bought did not have some of the best songs from the movie on it. Also this was my first exposure to The Pixies.


 5. Joe versus the Volcano – John Patrick Shanley

A very influential movie for me. Especially that scene about how the whole world is basically asleep. It’s a message I really held on to and have been fortunate enough to have broken through that asleep at the wheel cycle.


 6. Darkman – Sam Raimi

Saw this in the theater and I have a real soft spot for R rated super hero movies. And my first real exposure to Liam Neeson and I loved that the mentally challenged dude from L.A. Law played the baddie. This was Sam Raimi’s response to Universal for not letting him direct ‘The Shadow’ and said I’ll make my own super hero movie.


7. The Freshman – Andrew Bergman

This is another one I caught on Showtime and was completely into. I loved that it was about filmmaking and the part about where he’s in his instructors office talking about smuggling Lizards into New Jersey and it sounding like the most ridiculous idea ever and that your actually watching a movie about smuggling lizards into New Jersey and it works incredibly well I thought was just genius.


8. Misery – Rob Reiner

Another one I caught on HBO and the drama of it with James Caan and Kathy Bates and the way the movie just builds and builds I thought was just phenomenal

9. The First Power – Robert Resnikoff

I saw this in the theater with mother and new stepfather. So I really have an emotional connection to this movie in a similar way that I have with Dances with Wolves. And I highly enjoyed the movie and that I had parents that were cool enough to let me as a 15 year old see an R rated flick and thought the lead actress was freakin’ hot hot hot. I’m not sure if I ever saw that lead actress in another movie after that??? But damn she was hot. Plus Lou Diamond Phillips is at the height of his awesomeness in this.

10. Back to the Future III – Robert Zemeckis

I really enjoyed this movie and remember that when I saw it on the rental I probably watched it about five times over the course of two days. I was very entertained by it after I was just a tad disappointed with the second one. Although, I do think part II has aged really well and we’ll all be in part deux in two years, so where are the hover boards and flying cars already??? Plus I did actually get to see Mary Steenburgen in person at a screening at my super fabulous school. Which I wrote about in my blog ‘Musings from the Land with the Big Fancy Sign’ and the night I almost killed Ted Danson with the Bathroom Door. I was also at a screening last December with Steenburgens ex Malcolm Mcdowell for Silent Night the remake of Silent Night, Deadly Night and was one of the funnest screenings I’ve ever been to in my entire existence.

Honorable mentions in no particular order

The Grifters
Edward Scissorhands
Wild at Heart
Jacobs ladder
Le Femme Nikita
Henry and June
Memphis Belle
House Party
Adventures of Ford Fairlane
I Love You to Death
Quick Change
My Blue Heaven
Postcards from the Edge
Tales from the Darkside: The Movie
Reversal of Fortune
Def by temptation

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