The GREATEST marketing campaign I’ve ever seen

Marketing campaigns at my school almost seem like an after thought. Many a times the only way to know what is going on is to be plugged in every day to the main web site and check out the calender of events. But even then the details of the event are so sketchy in their details that you have to send a message as to how does one RSVPee to it?

This can go on for weeks until and up to the day before the event, wondering how does one RSVPee to this? I’m not much of a fan of being an annoyance to the already incompetence that has been presented before me. Usually resulting in said person deleting me off their facebook and so it is.

Sometimes ‘they’ will have had a screening that didn’t even go out in an email or was posted on the events calender but buried somewhere deep within the blog page and well after that lesson I learned to read the blog page a bit closer.

Also another trick with upcoming screening is to get on the Jeff Goldsmith invite list and sometimes you will know what is screening at the school before the school sends down their own invite. This happened yesterday with ‘Austenland’ ?? So I’ll be getting an invite to that sometime this week and I’m pretty sure that one is not going to be sold out, even with the screenwriter of Napolean Dynamite doing the A and Que.

But for now, here is the greatest marketing campaign I’ve ever seen at my school, Mount Super Fabulous.

Alrighty, so what’s the first thing you saw?


And that is the gretest marketing campaign I’ve ever seen.

Every time we have an event here I always ask if there will be punch and pie? And do we have punch and pie? Sometimes, but it’s never advertised????

Now this poster actually went up in the B1 elevator. And I take this elevator to class almost every day so, like I was typing earlier, some events you really have to be on it and plugged in to know that they’re even going down, but here posted in the B1 elevator is this poster staring me down, and completely unavoidable. And this is not even the best part.

After class, I’m riding back down with one of my classmates and he’s like free punch and pie??? And I was like, yeah, but you can’t go. And then he got mad at me and said ‘why not?’ Cause your not a Woman in Media, I tells him. And then he was all like , oh and sullen. It was the one of the greatest comebacks of my entire existance.

But the campaign doesn’t end there, oh no, for on the day of the event they even posted directions to get to the event. Do you know the level of thought that goes into that??? Well, ‘they’ really thought of everything with this event and as I was walking past their punch and pie schindig the turn out was really impressive. Who knew? There were that many women here??? That day, the Male to Female ratio at Mount Super Fabulous went from 100 to 1 down to about 50 to 1.

So kudos and I salute you . . .


to whomever came up with that poster, posted it, and then even had directions on the day to get there. For an event that I couldn’t even go to, I totally knew about it, weeks in advance, and actually wanted to go.

Well done, whoever you are ????

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