The perfekt storm of nothingness

So as I have written previously, I am not fan of the weekends. Now take your typical weekend and multiply by a factor of 4 and a half and you’ve got summer break at Mount Super Fabulous. Now due to having an internship this would actually be a blessing but, turns out, that my internship went dark this week so no shows. Well alrighty then, still have a couple of possible days to get in work study and then nope not gonna happen due to orientation being in the way. So no work study either.

This basically meant 9 days of vegging out. Now prior to 2006 this would have been a most welcomed break and sleeping in but now with these breaks I just feel like the biggest unproductive loser ever. I was fortunate to work on the short film ‘The Flag’ during spring break but it is a really weird feeling to feel just completely unproductive cause I’m rockin’ it with the GPA (3.93 oh my), I just got an additional 100 hours added onto my work study, and my internship is beyond perfect for me, but there is nothing quite like 9 days of nothingness when your putting in 18 hour days fairly consistently.

In conclusion, I do not do down time well. I think it may have to do with the fact that I’m almost forty when I should have been living and doing this 10 years prior so I feel like I don’t have the time to waist by lounging around. But the interesting thing is watching the boob tube in the land with the big fancy sign is actually A LOT more productive than watching it in the cheese wiz utopia so it’s very surreal to watch Hollywood Access and feel like your actually gaining info that may actually be important in your actual life. Or with the Xbox and playing games and then having an actual dialogue with the voice actors.

So I’m pretty amped for next week to start with ‘Statistical Applications’ and back to my internship and work study and feel like a productive member of society.

But TONIGHT!!! we drink the vodka, and play the xbox, watch a movie or two, and rock out on the itunes.

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  1. Hope says:

    Dude! ❤ Hope (from Facebook)

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