Quentin Tarantino, Richard Kelly, Jeff Goldsmith, double feature screening of True Romance and Domino at a Special Writers Event Tribute to Tony Scott

One of the things about finally being able to live the life and be on the path that you are meant to be on is coming full circle or maybe even at this point it might even be a half circle for things to come? The best example of this that I have had here in the land with the big fancy sign was when my school, mount super fabulous, did a special tribute to Tony Scott and were able to organize an event very quickly and it actually coincided with the day of Mr. Scott’s funeral.

For they were able to put together a double feature screening of True Romance and Domino and then did an A and Que with Quentin Tarantino and Richard Kelly and what is what like to write for Tony Scott.

Now the surreal part for me was that 15 minutes before they started True Romance Tarantino and Kelly actually came in and sat in the 5th row of the Theater and actually watched both movies with us, which almost never happens, and it was so telling how, as big as they are in the industry, that they are such fans and lovin’ the art form and all that awesomeness.

But for me it was such a defining moment in my life because back in late 1994 I first saw Pulp Fiction and became a Tarantino fan back in the cheese wiz. And would imagine what the life that he was having at the time must be like. And how I’m working this horrible job, no car, walking everywhere in the dead of winter and wondering what the hell happened???

Three years I would work this job, and then go into the military, and then go back to the cheese wiz to make try make an ordinary normal life for myself and it was not meant to be.

So fast forward to April of 2005 and I’m turning 30 years old and I buy (without having seen it) the directors cut of Donnie Darko directed by Richard Kelly and it blew my mind) and is one of my all time favorite movies. So Donnie Darko is very symbolic to me turning thirty and trying to save money to move to Madison and go to their media institute school but with the downward spiral of my life starting in 2006 that didn’t quite happen.

(Also there is a commentary track on there with Kelly and Kevin Smith. And for those of you wondering where this Kevin Smith podcast is the one I was on will not be posted for another couple of weeks so the blog post will not be up till mid to late July)

So, now fast forward to August of 2012 and I’m a year into my Associates Degree at the Los Angeles Recording School and Tony Scott is no longer with us. Little did I know when I first heard the news that I would be sitting in a theater with thee Tarantino and Richard Kelly four days later and remembering the horrid winter of 1994/95 and fantasizing about a life that didn’t so closely resemble hell and using all my free time escaping by making mix tapes on cassette and renting two movies a night until I attained gold membership status at the corner video store.

This would really change the following year once I turned 21 and discovered alcohol. But enough of that, wondering what the hell happened life, and onto the recent present.

So here it is in all its uncensored unedited glory, the A and Que with Richard Kelly and Quentin Tarantino, moderated by thee Jeff Goldsmith.


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