Purpose (it’s like really important)

Alrighty, so my second blog post is going to be about what is the purpose of this blog? In much the way Agent Smith provided a purpose to Neo’s quest.

Or at least that’s how I tend to think of purpose.


What is the purpose of this blog?

1. To inform, riff, and muse on the experiences of Art Holmes as he makes his way through the land with the big fancy sign, so if one day you decide to make the move here and follow a path similiar to mine you will know what to expect.


2. To entertain my readers about a life that is very different than the one I left back on the cheese wiz utopia. This life is not for everybody and you need a certain mindset and passion in able to forge ahead in this industry.

Who is the target market?

The target market for this blog will be anyone who is interested in the hollyweird life, lives the life, or is looking for something different than what they will read in your typical check out line magazine (that only sells the romantisized glamorous side of Hollywood) to bored housewives wondering what the hell happened????

As I have previously written in my first post it will not be for the overly religious loving on the republican Jesus fish man. This will not be for those who have put up that wall and go thru their daily life getting offended at everything, are having piles of childs, and now only watch a steady diet of Disney movies. It will be for those amazing souls that are rule breakers, risk takers, and have a very open mind to contemplate possibilities that are beyond the typical reasoning of your average I don’t know whats??? living in the cheese wiz utopia.

So for the last question of this blog/entertainment marketing assignment,

How is the information provided in blogs useful to individuals, companies, and marketers? 

For this question I tend to think of the ‘Angry Joe’ video game review show on youtube.

Now, while it’s not a blog, I tend to think they serve the same purpose, in that it gives the consumer a platform to talk about anything they want to. In the case of Angry Joe his reviews are so honest that I will go there to get a real review instead of what companies tend to do (especially in the entertainment industry) in that they will specifically pay people to write good reviews and then put those reviews into the marketing campaign.

Blogs are useful to companies because they have a direct link to fans and can get instant feedback as to how they can improve their products.

It’s useful to marketers because they can get a sense of their demographic and can cater their marketing campaign to them.

And thats the last question for my Entertainment Marketing class.

Thanks for reading and be sure to subscribe and comment,


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